The most important thing to remember at any time is that you should not look  directly at the sun without solar filters. Only during the total ocultation phase of a total solar eclipse (not this one) it is safe to do so (and just because the Sun is then totally oculted bu the Moon).

For more detailed instruction on how to observe the Sun, please visit the “Safe Observations” page.

You can use eclipse glasses


… or solar filters with a telescope or binoculars


… or create a pinhole camera


If you have trees nearby, each gap between the leafs works as a natural pinhole camera, so you’ll see something similar to the next image:


…or you can cross your fingers in a grid, producing a similar effect.


Some more links about solar eclipses:

-Community page –

If you have any link, text or resource that you want to add here, please write below your comments or contact us.



  1. Some useful graphical teaching aids for the weather and seasons to help understand how the Suns radiation affects the earth, and other planets

  2. To understand the satellite imagery, the background to “”take a look at:


    Useful resources and ideas for project about the sun and beyond….

  4. The Universe Awareness for young children website, which has teaching materials available for download:
    (Also in Spanish)

  5. Hello
    I want to send you images from thailand

    how can i do it

    please tell me now

  6. Hi, I like the bit with crossed fingers. Effective, so easy and cheap! Youngsters (and adults) will enjoy producing and showing of the effect. Makes learning fun. Best Wishes. Patrick

  7. Dear Somsawat,

    We have prepared an automated system for you to post any image related to the eclipse. It is fast easy and free. Send us any image of the eclipse itself, or people enjoining this event. This is how to:

    -Send an email with the pictures to .

    -The subject line of the email will be the Title of the picture(s). Please include the Location.

    -The body of the email will be the description.

    -Add this to the end of the email: “tag: solarastronomy2009″ or any other tag you want.

    The email will fly directly in seconds to the Gallery post section of this page. If afterwards you want to edit or delete it, send us an email to:

    You can also send us where are your photos and we will include them on the Gallery, of course!

  8. helo
    saya mau tanya kalau gerhana terjadi ada gak dampaknya ke mahkluk hidup?

    terus kalau misalnya gerhana terjadi biasanya air laut naik bener gak?

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