Posted by: brunosan | February 1, 2009


Dear all,

We, the South African Node and the Solar TG of IYA2009, are extremely excited about the success of this event.

We still await to see if there are more pictures coming (please send them! Even if you think they are not so good, they are YOUR pictures of the eclipse).

The automatic script is deactivated, but you can still send the pictures to the same email ( ). We will check it regularly an publish manually the posts. 

Thank you all for the great success of this project. We are looking forward the next solar eclipse, but if you cannot wait there are zillions of events for you to participate inside the International Year of Astronomy 2009, like for example the upcoming mega-event of the 100 hours of Astronomy.

But for now, I´ll post some info of this project.

  • The webpage went live only 6 days before the eclipse, but it reached more than 6000 views on the 24 hours around the eclipse.
  • It uses free technology readily available. The only cost was the use of a pro Flickr account of one of the editors of the project. Editing, lay-out, moderation was almost non-existent. This proves that the new technologies provides fast , reliable and easy to produce worldwide events at almost no cost. We made possible that everyone with a camera and Internet could share with everyone with Internet the wonders of solar eclipse. Thank you.
  • 73 posts with images. The most viewed ones are:
  • Eclipsed (Southern Africa) Ghostly Eclipse from Southern Africa Solar Eclipse 26 January 2009 @ South Jakarta, Indonesia
    Thank you and congratulations to the astro-photographers.

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