Posted by: brunosan | January 26, 2009

Solar Eclipse 26 January 2009 @ South Jakarta, Indonesia

Location :
South Jakarta, Indonesia

Google earth :
S : 6deg13’55.13"
E : 106deg47’46.31"

Taken with Canon Powershot G9 with 35mm negative film put in front of the lense as an emergency filter.

Aditya Sanjaya



  1. Hi Aditya, thanks for sharing your eclipse pics. Have been following eclipse via web.
    Best wishes to you.

  2. Wonderful images – very moving. Could I please use one in my article on the eclipse in this months magaine? I will of course give credits and send you a copy. Best wishes. Kevin

    The magazine is Practical Astronomer!

  3. @ Patrick : i’m very glad that could share this amazing eclipse moment.. Best wishes & warm regards from Indonesia

    @ Kevin Smith : please sure… the picture is to show the world how wonderful this amazing eclipse moment, i’m happy to share.. Best wishes & warm regards from Indonesia

  4. @ Kevin Smith: Btw if you need the original pics (not resized) please feel free to email me. Thanks.

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